Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fun Show at RAG!

My Sweet Peas got in the RAG juried show.   This year there will be a People's Choice award - if you're in  the area, you can vote through June 29 at the Moring Arts Center, 123 Sunset Ave, Asheboro -  $1.00 per vote donation to RAG.

1 comment:

  1. Sweet Peas - Really nice - the patterning and repetition of the color is strong. This work is your best, all of the flower work is strong and I would never try it... so I would never compete. I paint abstract/figurative did one black rose lately from my head.

    I found you on the discussion for water soluble oils. I have used WN for 5-6 years and paint large. Was considering Royal Talens Cobra .. but too manyb the reviews are negative- Tom Relth in North Africa

    A native born Californian living now in outskirts of Casablanca, paint, curate and teach High School at K-12 American School GWA Casablanca